Index Page for our BL Series Industrial Quality Carbide-Tipped Router Bits.

BL Series Router Bit Index Page

Our BL Series of router bits are industrial grade and tipped with extra-thick Micro-Grain C-2 Carbide for enhanced durability and shock resistance.  Here are a few samples of the over 100 router bit profiles available:

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Carbide Tipped Router Bits

    Straight Router Bits - Single Flute, Double Flute, Double Flute Shear Cut, Pattern Cutting
    Rabbeting Bits - Rabbets from 1/8" to 1/2" in width, plus complete Rabbeting Kits.
    Beading & Roundover Bits - Includes Corner Beading and Double Roundover profiles.
    Grooving & Plunge Cutting Bits - V-Groove, Corebox, Radius, and Plunge-cutting profiles
    Drawer Pull / Finger Pull Bits - Inset and Radius Finger Pulls
    Edge Forming Router Bits - Fluting and Beading Profiles including Bullnose and Fingernail
    Edge Forming Router Bits - Standard & Classic Profiles - Chamfer, Cove, Ogee, Bead & Cove, plus more
    Edge Forming Router Bits - Multi-Form and Table Top Edge Profiles
    Edge Forming Router Bits - Face Moulding and Crown Moulding Bits
    Solid Surface Router Bits - Profiles for Corian and similar solid surface materials
    Laminate Trimming Bits - Several profiles of flush and bevel trimming bits for laminate, wood, etc.
    Joint-Making Router Bits -  Finger Joint, Glue Joint, Lock-Miter, Drawer Lock, Dovetail
    Tongue & Groove Router Bits -  Straight, Wedge, and V-Paneling Tongue & Groove Bits
    Raised Panel Router Bits - 5 different panel cutter profiles, available with or without undercutter
    Stile and Rail Router Bits - Reversible Stile & Rail Bits; One-Piece and Two-Piece Stile & Rail
    Flute & Bead Cutters for Boat Planking - Make small boat planking from standard 1/4" material
    Miscellaneous Router Bits - Hinge Mortising, Bottom Cleaning, Combination Panel Bits, plus more
    Specialty Router Bits - Hand Rail and Window Sash Sets, plus Boat Planking Cutters

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