Various carbide-tipped Cutters designed for use on a table saw.  Includes Beading, Fluting, Straight Grooving and V-Grooving Cutters with 5/8" bore.

Carbide Tipped Table Saw Cutters


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Decorative Beading Cutters for Table Saws

Designed with 8" diameter and 5/8" bore to run on a table saw

  • Decorative Bead designs have a 1/2" overall cutter width featuring a
    1/4" wide bead (1/8" radius)
  • Available with chamfered edges (V-bead style) or straight edges
  • Custom beading cutters can be made to your specifications,
    Please Contact Us for information or call (920) 497-9873
V-Bead Cutter for a tablesaw

V-Bead Style

Straight Bead Cutter for tablesaws

Straight Style

Product # Style Diameter Teeth Kerf Plate Bore Price ADD TO CART:
KC-GVBEAD8812 V-Bead
Tip Corners have a 45 degree bevel
8" 8T 1/2" .334" 5/8" $339.00
KC-TSB-1 V-Bead 
Tip Corners have a 45 degree bevel
8" 6T 1/2"    5/8" $410.00
KC-TSB-2 Straight Bead 8" 6T 1/2"    5/8" $410.00

Flat Bottom Groovers

  • Make clean flat-bottom grooves, dados and rabbets in wood
  • 8" or 200mm Diameter with 5/8" bore for table saws
  • Custom Groover cutters can be made to your specifications.
    Please Contact Us for information at 920-497-9873
AB Flat Tooth Design, Groovers Wood Profile

AB Flat –  Alternate Bevel + Flat Tooth Design

Product # Diameter Teeth Tooth
Kerf (W) Plate Bore Price ADD TO CART:
KC-GV2003055 200mm 30T AB Flat 5.5mm 4.0mm 5/8" $189.00
KC-GV83026 8" 30T AB Flat .260" .180" 5/8" $225.00
KC-GV83050 8" 30T AB Flat 1/2" .315" 5/8" $279.00
On the 3 below Flat bottom Groovers, the Arbor hole can be re-bored to fit larger diameter arbors.
GV830ABF516 8" 30T ABF .327" .180" 5/8" $265.00
GV1030ABF 10" 30T ABF .260" .180" 5/8" $290.00
GV1060HATB 10" 60T HATB+R .187" .126" 5/8" $249.00

Flute Cutters for Table Saws

4-Tooth or 8-Tooth Fluting Cutters with 5/8" bore

  • These flute cutters are Carbide Tipped.
  • In-stock flute widths:  1/4" wide to 3/4" wide
Table Saw Flute Cutters
Table Saw Fluting Cutters
Product # Outside
Teeth Flute
Bore Price ADD TO CART:
KC-35C 6-1/2" 4T 3/4" 3/8" R 5/8" $399.00
KC-36C 6-1/2" 4T 5/8" 5/16" R 5/8" $389.00
KC-GVFLU8812 8" 8T 1/2" 1/4" R 5/8" $299.00
KC-GVFLU8838 8" 8T 3/8" 3/16" R 5/8" $279.00
KC-GVFLU8814 8" 8T 1/4" 1/8" R 5/8" $239.00

91 V-Groove Cutters for Table Saws

8-Tooth "V"-Groovers with 5/8" Bore

  • Carbide Tipped V-groover
Table Saw V-Grooving Cutter
V-Groover in Wood V-Groover for folding material

Product # Outside
Teeth Groove
Kerf (W) Maximum
Depth of Cut
Bore Price ADD TO CART:
KC-GVV8812 8" 8T 91° 1/2" Up to .228"
(5.8mm Material)
5/8" $399.00

BLADES LLC CAN CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR APPLICATION:   Any of the above style tablesaw cutters can be MADE-TO-ORDER.  You choose the cutting width (and/or cut depth), number of wings/teeth, outer diameter, and bore size up to 1-1/4".  Contact us with your needs and we will provide you with a quote and lead-time

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