Index Page for KC Series Industrial Quality Carbide-Tipped Shaper Cutters.

KC Series Shaper Cutter Index Page

Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters - KC Series Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters - KC Series Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters - KC Series Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters - KC Series Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters - KC Series Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters - KC Series

Cutters with a 1-1/4" bore size can be bushed down to 1", 1-1/8" or 30mm.  Click here for KC Series Accessories.

Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters  –  Classic Cutters and Edge Forming Profiles

Straight Shaper Cutters / Groovers
14 straight cutter sizes
Beveled Shaper Cutters - Chamfered Edge
22.5, 30, and 45 available FU or FD
Half Round Shaper Cutters - Flute
5 flute cutter sizes
Half Round Cutters - Bullnose
8 bullnose cutter sizes
Quarter Round Shaper Cutters - Cove
5 cove cutter sizes
Quarter Round Cutters - Corner Round
17 cutter sizes for corner rounding
Decorative Bead Shaper Cutters
4 bead sizes for decorative edge details
Extended Quarter Round Shaper Cutters
Up to 1-1/4" material.  Corner radii 1/8" to 1/2". 
Double Easing Shaper Cutters
For 6 different material thicknesses
Adjustable Double Easing Shaper Cutters
For 3/4" to 1-1/2" material; 1/8" or 1/4" radius

Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters  –  Joint Making & Specialty Cutters

Matched Drop Leaf Cutters
Single cutter creates drop leaf cove & bead
Glue Joint Cutters - Reversible
For material thickness from 1/2" to 1-7/8"
Drawer Lock Cutters
1-piece Cutter for drawer sides up to 3/4"
Lock Miter Joint Cutters
Single and Double T&G styles available
Reversible Detail Cutters
3 reversible profiles for matched joints
Window Sash Cutter Sets
Two different Sash styles
Flooring Shaper Cutter Sets
3 versatile flooring sets available
V-Panel Shaper Cutter Sets
Cutter sets for creating V-Paneling

Carbide Tipped Shaper Cutters  –  Door Edge Detail & Door-Making

Door Edge Detail Cutters - For 3/4" to 7/8" material
Wide variety of 25 door edge, door lip, and finger pull profiles
TOP DETAIL Door Edge Cutters - 13 Profiles for 3/4" up to 1" Material
BOTTOM DETAIL Door Edge Cutters - 5 Profiles
Great for cabinets with European-style hinges (32mm system)
** All top and bottom component cutters are interchangeable **
Raised Panel Cutters for 1/2" Material - 2 Profiles, 1-3/4" Depth of cut
Raised Panel Cutters for 5/8" Material - 12 Profiles,  1-1/2" Depth of cut
Raised Panel Cutters for 3/4" Material - 12 Profiles,  1-1/2" Depth of cut
Raised Panel Cutters, 5/8" and 3/4" Material - 10 Profiles,  2-1/2" Depth of cut
Back Cutters & Partial Raised Panel Cutters - For 3/4" Material.
Stile & Rail 3-in-1 Door Cutter Sets (6-cutter Sets) - For 3/4" to 1-1/8" Material
Each set cuts Cabinet Door, Glass Door and Shaker Door as shown.
Eased Edge sets and alternative T&G sizes are available
13 different profiles
Double Sided Stile & Rail Sets (6-cutter Sets) - For 1" to 1-1/4" Material
Eased Edge sets and alternative T&G sizes are available
3 different double-sided profiles
Double Sided Stile & Rail Sets (8-cutter Sets) - For 1-3/8" AND 1-3/4" Material
These 8-cutter sets cut both Passage Door and Entry Doors
Eased Edge sets are available
10 different profiles

NOTE:  Many of the Cabinet Door cutter profiles are also available as CARBIDE INSERT CUTTERS

View our KC-IC Carbide Insert Shaper Cutter Page for the following products:

  • Door Edge Detail Insert Cutters
  • Raised Panel Insert Cutters & Carbide Insert Backcutters
  • Cabinet Door Insert Cutter Sets

Carbide Tipped Cutters for Table Saws

Flute Cutters, Straight Groovers and V-Groovers for Table Saws
Made-to-Order Cutters for countless applications.
Bead Cutters for Table Saws
Decorative Beaded Cutters with 5/8" bore to run on a table saw

Create custom moulding on your table saw with the innovative Magic Molder from Blades LLC

LRH Magic Molder

The Magic Molder Cutter Head runs on a table saw and is available with 5/8", 3/4" or 1" bore size.  Interchangeable carbide-tipped inserts (called "detail plugs") are available in 78 different profile designs, allowing you to create a huge variety of decorative and functional woodworks.

PR-MM Magic Molder Heads

Select from 78 different Plug Profiles!

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