Our line of TCT Plastic Cutting Saw Blades & Carbide Tipped Saw blades for cutting plastic or vinyl sheets, moldings, and extrusions.

Plastic Cutting Saw Blades


Carbide Tipped Saw Blades for cutting thin Plastics

The ideal blade for cutting plastic & vinyl sheets, moldings and extrusions.  These sawblades work very well on thin sheets of acrylic material.  For a super-smooth edge finish, run a stabilizer with these blades.

LR Tooth Design Sawblades

Left-Right Teeth

LRLRS Tooth Design Sawblades

Left Right Left Right Straight

NOTE:  These plastic cutting saws have a maximum cutting thickness of 3/8" (10mm).  To cut thicker plastics, we recommend that you use a blade with a triple chip grind such as our General Purpose TCG Blades.

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Product # Diameter Teeth Tooth
Kerf Plate Bore Hook Price ADD TO CART:
PP810 8" 100T LR .087" .063" 5/8" 10 $174.00
PP1010 10" 100T LR .087" .063" 5/8" 10 197.00
PP1210 12" 100T LR .102" .075" 1" 10 215.00
PP1212 12" 120T LR .102" .075" 1" 10 256.00
PP1410 14" 100T LRLRS .118" .087" 1" 20 233.00
PP1412 14" 120T LR .118" .087" 1" 10 251.00
PP1614 16" 140T LR .126" .094" 1" 10 280.00
PP1816 18" 160T LR .126" .094" 1" 10 320.00
PP2018 20" 180T LR .126" .094" 1" 10 402.00

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