Index Page for our PT Series Industrial Carbide-Tipped Saw Blades (Industrial-Grade TCT Sawblades).

PT Series Industrial Saw Blade Index Page

Industrial Carbide Tipped Saw Blades Carbide Tipped Sawblades Saw Blades for every application

Carbide Tipped Industrial Saw Blades

We can furnish any size bore that you need.  Go to Custom Bore, Keyways & Pin Holes for charges.
   Blind Cutting Blade - 6" up to 14" Diameters  For Window Blind Cutting Machines
   Combination Saw Blades – ATB+R  (4-Tooth & Raker) - 8" to 16" Diameters
   Contractor Series Saw Blades - 6-1/2" to 12" Diameters, 7-1/4" Blades with Diamond Knockout
   Dado Sets -  Industrial 7-pc Sets. 8", 10 and 12"  Diameter's. Also Sets for Melamine and Laminate materials.
   Double Cut Off Saw Blades - 12" Diameter
   Edge Banding Saw Blades - 100mm to 180mm Diameters
   Ferrous Metal / Steel Cutting Saw Blades - 7-1/4 " to 14"  Diameters  For Steel Pipe, Angle Iron, Thin Plate, Re-bar
   Finger Joint Cutters & Blades - For Grecon/Weinig™ Dimter and Paul™ & Other machines
   General Purpose Saw Blades – ATB - 7-1/4" to 20", 250mm to 550mm Diameters
   General Purpose Saw Blades – TCG - 7-1/4" to 20", 220mm to 350 mm  For Plywood, Chip Board, MDF
   Groover Blades - .260", .327" ..187 and 5.5mm kerfs For cutting Drawer Slides and Slots
   Large Diameter Saw Blades – TCG & ATB - General Purpose 20" up to 30" Diameter and 500mm to 600mm Blades
   Extra Large Diameter Saw Blades –  ATB  & TCG  - 32" up to 36" Diameter
   Lucas Saw Blades - 424mm & 546mm  Diameters
   Melamine & Laminate Saw Blades - 8" to 18" & 180mm to 350mm Diameters,
   Miter & Double Miter Saw Blades - 8" to 15" Diameters
   Nail Cutting Blades - 8" to 18" Dia. for Wood containing nails, metal staples, etc.
   Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Blades - 3-7/8" to 30", 250mm to 500mm Dia.  For Aluminum, Copper, Brass
   Optimizing Saw Blades -  Precision Blades for Grecon/Weinig™ Dimter and Paul™ Optimizing Saw Machines
   Panel Saw Blades  - For Altendorf, Gabbiani, Giben, Homag, Schelling, Scheer, Mayer, SCM, Selco, Holzma
   Panel NPS Saw Blades  - Panel sawblades specialized  to combat the abrasive glues in MDF, laminates, particle boards, etc.
   Panel Saw – Conical & Split Scoring Saw Blades  - Forty different scoring blades available
   Plastic Cutting Saw Blades  - 8" to 18" Diameters  For Acrylic Sheets, Vinyl, Plastic Moldings & Extrusions
   Precision Trim Saw Blades  - 12" to 18" Diameters
   Radial Arm & Chop Saw Blades - 8-1/2" to 18" Diameters  For Solid wood & Wood products such as MDF
   Rip & Gang Rip – FTG & TCG  Saw Blades  - 8" to 20" Diameters
   Rip & Gang Rip – ATB Saw Blades  - 7-1/4" to 12", 250 to 350mm Diameters
   Rip "Glue Joint" Saw Blades  - 10" to 16" Diameters
   Rip Saw Blades – MultiScore  - Split Blades in 8", 10", and 12" Diameters  For Multi-Score Rip Saws
   Scoring Saw Blades - Forty different Conical & Split Scoring Blades, 100mm to 215mm Diameters
   Solid Surface Saw Blades -  8" to 18" & 220mm, 300mm Diameters
   Steel Cutting Saw Blades - 7-1/4 " to 14"  Diameters  For Steel Pipe, Angle Iron, Thin Plate, Re-bar
   Strob Saw Blades  - For Brewer, Pendu, Hazelthorn and Cornell
   Table Saw Cutters  - Bead, Flute, 91 Degree V-Groove and Flat Bottom Groovers.
   Thin Saw Blades - Thin Kerf, Thin Rim, and Ultra Thin Blades from 7-1/4" to 12" Diameter
   Thin Saw Blades For Moulding - 7" to 8-1/2" Diameters
   Trim Saw Blades  - 9" to 18" Diameters
   Tree Trimming Saw Blades - 20" & 24" Diameter blades for the Jarraff Tree Trimming Machine & 22"  to 26" for Tree Trimming
   Truss & Component Blades  - 14" to 32" for Razer, Idaco, MiTek, Timber Mills, Auto-Omni, Clary, Koskovich, Mangotech

Other Saw Blades and Related Products

   GS Series German Made Saw Blades -  Our 2nd line of Industrial Carbide-Tipped Saw Blades
   Dado Sets - Industrial 7-pc Sets. 8", 10 and 12"  Diameter's. Also Sets for Melamine and Laminate materials.
   Fluting, Beading, and Grooving Cutters For Table Saws -  5/8" or 1" bore; Fully customizable cutters.
   Groover Blades - .260", .327" , .187 and 5.5mm kerfs for cutting Drawer Slides and slots
   Magic Molder -  Convert Your Table Saw Into a Molder
   Polycrystalline Diamond Saw Blades  - 7-1/4" to 14"  For cutting Hardiplank® & Fiber Cement Board
   Nail Cutting Saw Blades - Perfect for cutting through recycled wood products
   Saw Blade Plate Stiffening Collars  (Stabilizers) - We recommend using these with our thin kerf saw blades

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