Testimonials from Blades LLC's customers.


A few letters from our customers regarding Blades LLC's products and services...

I just got my recent order, raised panel cutter and cove and bead cutter.  I debated for weeks whether to get a [competitor's cutter], (my friend is the main buyer for a lumber/hardware chain) or to go with your product. I got out there this morning to try out the raised panel cutter, and I knew immediately why I spent a few extra $$.  Great stuff.  And thanks for getting it here so promptly!

Bob E

Once again you have come through for me in spades.  Finding my specialty gang saw blades is tough and getting the custom 1 ” bore is harder.  Getting great quality blades and custom boring from the same place for the best price anywhere makes you the tops in your field as far as I’m concerned.

You know that if it cuts and I need it I will buy it only from you.  Thanks again for all your help and super quick response times.  Oh… and thanks for getting that order out in only one day.

I would like to thank you for helping me find the correct cutter head and for just responding. You were the only person who responded and you stayed with it till we got it right. I have used the Magic Molder cutter head several times and it works just fine and looks just like the real wainscotting.

Thanks again for all your help and your patience.


It is such a pleasure to “meet” someone who is cognizant of and practices GRAND customer service.

I am pleased that you have responded in such a timely manner.

I’ve been in the customer service industry since the late 60’s and can attest to the fact that people who understand the significance of what you’ve just accomplished are few and far between.

Thank you.  If the job I am bidding on comes through this sale is yours.

We may purchase this item any way.

Reeder L

This is just to let you know how pleased we are with your saw blades. We have used another companies for several years and have found that they get very hot & buckle quite easily. We cut paper which is a hard material!


My order for the two custom shaper cutters came this afternoon and I thought I would send along a thank you.
They both cut this vertical grain fir wonderfully.

Excellent service and a great product. I look forward to doing more business with y'all in the future.

Again, thank you.
Mike  W

The NF1480 I purchased to cut extrusions on our chop saw cuts the aluminum as if going through butter and on top of that it gives a nice clean cut. The blades I had purchased from other companies in the past had never gave us such fine results. Thanks

Robert  M

We received the BL2179 Roman ogee stile & rail set for cabinet doors last week and it did a beautiful job. I was hesitant about ordering the first time because your price seemed too reasonable as compared to what we had previously been paying. I am sure glad that I purchased those cutters from you as we saved a lot of money. Now I would like you to send us the 2-Piece BL2305  &  BL2306 Flooring Cutter Set. Please charge it on the same credit card I used for our previous order.

Joe  R


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